How to Sell Cyber Liability Insurance: The Insurance Agent Guide

Cyber threats to businesses small and large are on the rise. Though terms like malware, phishing, ransomware are now household words, attacks are frequent and the impacts can be devastating. Cyber liability insurance designed to protect against these threats is now an essential part of any business’ protection portfolio.

Whether you are a seasoned agent familiar with cyber liability and its evolution over the past decade, or new to selling cyber liability insurance, Big “I” Markets has the resources you need to make selling cyber easy. Follow these steps to increase your cyber book of business.

Identify a Cyber Carrier Partner

There are many insurers offering cyber coverage; your first step is to choose which one(s) your agency will be working with.

Big “I” Markets has partnered with Coalition, the leading provider of cyber insurance and security, combining comprehensive insurance and proactive cybersecurity tools to help businesses manage and mitigate cyber risk.

Big “I” members registered with Big “I” Markets may access a unique platform to not only generate quotes but also to bind coverage, make policy changes, and work directly with Coalition’s underwriters. This same platform includes a comprehensive Resources page providing educational and sale resources.

Understand and Effectively Explain Cyber Coverage to Your Clients

To sell cyber you need a firm handle on the basics of a topic that seems to be changing daily if not hourly. This is where Big “I” Markets/Coalition Dashboard can give your agency a serious edge.

Many small businesses simply do not understand that cyber risks are not covered under their general commercial liability policy. It is up to you as an agent to explain how cyber risks differ and how they can be addressed through coverage.
The resources section of the Big “I” Markets/Coalition Dashboard includes a comprehensive overview of the coverages offered. This overview easily explains the coverages in just a few sentences for you and your client to understand. In the dashboard, you’ll find:

  • Sample forms and questionnaires
  • Industry specific, client-ready, downloadable marketing
  • Case studies
  • Coverage Comparisons
  • Training Videos
  • Pre-recorded webinars such as The State of Ransomware, Cybersecurity Guide, Defending Remote Access, and more
  • Claim and limit benchmarking

Selecting Cyber Liability Aggregate Limits
Once you’ve explained the need for cyber coverage and are making the sale, your client may ask, what limits do I need?

To assist your client in choosing an aggregate limit, Coalition provides claim and limit benchmarking. The Claims Calculator, found in the Resources section of your Big “I” Markets/Coalition Dashboard, can be customized for a specific risk profile. This data is then compiled in an easy to read, downloadable, PDF to present to your client.

Results include:

  • Incident Likelihood
  • Limit Amounts Purchased by Peer Companies
  • Common Cyber Incidents
  • and more

Offer Stand-Alone Cyber Liability Coverage to EVERY Commercial Client

If you’re wondering which of your commercial clients you should reach out to with a cyber quote, the answer is, all of them.

You can start by providing each of your clients a free Cyber Risk Assessment (CRA). Through the hundreds of thousands of data points collected by Coalition‘s security platform during the quote process, a CRA is available to clients providing a domain. The CRA includes information on vulnerabilities, compromised credentials, and overall recommendations to help consumers understand their risk exposure and better their own security posture.

Also included is an explanation of cyber insurance, the coverage overview mentioned earlier, Coalition security features, and a glossary.

This assessment is a great sales tool and an added value you can offer all your commercial clients with a domain.

Stay Up-to-Date on Cyber Topics

Cyber as a topic can feel overwhelming, full of technical terms and jargon. To keep on top of trends, stay tuned to Coalition’s blog. This is a great resource which breaks down key ideas in an easy to digest way.

Once you understand the topic well, you’ll be able to share your knowledge with your clients. Check in frequently to learn about key topics and trends such as:

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